Vex 3

maxresdefaultVex 3 is the most recent version of the popular adventure game where you have to overcome new obstacles and complete really difficult and tricky levels. At the beginning of the game you must start a small tutorial stage where you will find out the controls of the game and make some custom stuff to the game. Even though the Vex 3 game don’t have super graphics I am sure you will have great time playing it because of the awesome gameplay and addictive story line.The main mission of the player in each level is to travel through the places full of obstacles and reach the finish line alive. You must use all your jumping and running skills to achieve results. In vex 3 you have access to the Trophies Room where you can find up to 40 different achievements to complete. It may be a difficult task to unlock all achievements but you should try hard to do this.

Just like the previous version of the game, in Vex 3 you can build your custom stage, play it and even share with friends. All tools are unlocked as soon as you begin playing so you can build your stage instantly. Vex 3 is a really interesting adventure game with lots of interesting levels. It may take you a lot of time to complete all levels and unlock all achievements but it's worth it. Oh, I forgot to mention that your character can even swim but be careful and watch the breath bar not to die under water. Enjoy the Vex 3 full version at our website.